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The Lifeline of your Customer Relationship

A Customer Relationship Management device, Cloud CRM Software is an exhaustive arrangement that empowers an association being developed by keeping up the information of the clients most productively while catching all pre deal and post deal constrain cooperations of the client. Unblemished CRM Software involves a far reaching usefulness that takes into account all endeavor prerequisites for holding client support and steadfastness, utilizing on the accompanying abilities for a powerful client administration:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Contact Center Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Service Support Management
  • AMC Management
  • Asset Management
  • Work Shop Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • IT Infrastructure and information assets
  • Gives a competitive edge

Sales Force Automation Software :

  • Sales Force Automation – Prospective client tracking through various stages
  • Target setting for marketing executives
  • Enquiries from potential and existing customers
  • Quotations and amendments to quotations with complete history
  • Pre & Post Sales Force activity and achievement
  • Scheduling sales calls & tracking expenses
  • List of prospective clients as of date
  • Schedule cum activity
  • Open / Lost Quotations
  • Expense vs. sales
  • Quotation amendment history

Sales Force Automation Software :

UE Solution organization in Noida (India) gives INTACT CRM Software on cloud which enables deals to compel robotization and keeps up the client data/database and gets client objections/necessities for saves and so forth on the web. The framework is accessible for your organization in pre deals and post deals constrain mechanization and aides being developed of a database by appointing a special protest no. /ask for no. to the client which enables the client to track their grumblings. The product allocates the dissensions or solicitations, to the concerned architects/branches and so on for additionally activity.

Campaign Management

UE Solution gives a capacity to advancement of crusades for your organization for any deals and promoting related exercises or for any updates to be given to clients. Keeps up the information of all clients who can be chosen mostly or in full from the principle database of clients to run the battle. The battle can be booked intermittently according to the decision for a compelling correspondence of the particular occasion arranged. Battles can be kept running on Email or by SMS, if a SMS mix with outsider is encouraged.

Service Support Management

Flawless CRM Software arrangements of UE Solution, Noida (India), in view of cloud framework, encourages your organization to deal with your stock of extras and consumables for successful after deals bolster which matters the most for an association like yours. The extra administration framework will screen the stock and caution about the new advancements, for example, accessibility of extras, re-arrange level and even create expectation for buy/producing. This module will likewise assist the association with tracking their extra parts deals and development of extras by item savvy, display shrewd and even area astute. This module of INTACT CRM helps the association not just in the client relationship by keeping up appropriate stock yet in addition in creating and checking the extra deals focuses through observing the business compel mechanization.

AMC Management

It has been demonstrated that the organization which does not put stock in keeping up an appropriate database of its clients, its pre deals and post deals conduct and its individual responsibility for, hampers its own improvement, does considerably lesser business and has less fulfilled clients than the individuals who have legitimately executed a quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. Perusing the pre deals conduct helps organizations in getting clients while a post deals conduct helps in holding them. In pre and post INTACT CRM Software arrangements, we have given a considerable measure of accentuation on AMC Management Module as we trust the achievement of any business today lies in powerful administration of its items and clients.

This module, on the cloud, will track every one of the machines which are out off guarantee and create and fly up reports for AMC enlistment client savvy, item astute, area insightful and so on. It additionally keeps up your stock. The one of a kind component of this module is computation of AMC charges on expert rate premise. In this way, make an upbeat client yet while procuring more cash for your undertaking!!!

Asset Managementt

Not at all like other Customer Relationship Management programming INTACT CRM Software arrangements, on cloud, centers around clients as well as the items they utilize and the improvements in their inclinations. This module encourages you track the guarantee status of every item sold to the client till the guarantee is on. This module will likewise screen the preventive upkeep of every item in the stock according to the calendar.

Workshop Management

Flawless CRM Software Repair Management arrangements on cloud CRM System keeps up the points of interest of the extras or out of this world for Repairs and further Return (R&R) of items to the clients. The module will track every one of the elements of this office including allocating the activity to an architect for consummation and further restoring the item back to the client from the stock.

Loyalty Program

Here, a variety of loyalty programs can be designed and managed for your company for the existing customer database.

  • Redeem points management
  • Direct Mailing Exercise
  • Regular EDM activities etc

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