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What is content marketing and how does it work?

It's an inbound marketing strategy that focuses on creating valuable and free contents with an aim to convert prospects into customers. The distribution is primarily done through social media marketing which generates powerful word-of-mouth exposure for the brand.

Sounds good, right? But the question is - Can it actually serve your marketing purpose?

The answer lies in a question again. Ask yourself - Can you sell a product or service to someone who knows nothing about your offerings?

Take a moment and think...

No, it's almost impossible. It is like selling a keyboard to someone who does not know what a computer is, and what its benefits are. Even if you succeed selling this way, it's not a sale, it's a fraud.

Okay! So, does content marketing really help selling?

Yes, it does. Rather, it is one of the most innovative marketing methods these days.

Adopting content strategies, you get to educate your target markets about your offerings. You tell them pretty secrets. You give them the knowledge to find little faults so that they can understand the competitive advantage you are going to give them.

Soon, your prospects begin to enter your knowledge-led buying cycle. They start connecting themselves to your brand. They come back to find more, learn more, and to explore more. Eventually when they get ready to make the final decision of buying, they choose you.

This is the reason an active content marketing campaign does not only serve as a lead generation tool, but it works also as an emphatic brand awareness process.

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The majority of today's internet population don’t get directly affected by ads when making purchasing decisions. They prefer real and valuable information.

Content marketing is more effective than most of the marketing methods when you want people to know, like, and trust your brand.

Advertising is very often taken as bragging. People read real contents before making their purchase decisions.

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